Prayer Resources.

Books on prayer.

Praying the Bible — “Offering readers hope, encouragement, and the practical advice they’re looking for, this concise book by professor Donald Whitney outlines a simple, time-tested method that can help transform our prayer lives: praying the words of the Bible.”


The content of Donald Whitney’s Praying the Bible book was presented at the EFCA Theology Conference in 2020 and can be viewed in the video below (beginning at 2:00).

A Praying Life: Connecting with God in a Distracting World — “A Praying Life has encouraged thousands of Christians to pursue a vibrant prayer life full of joy and power. A life of prayer invites you to a life of connection to God. When Jesus describes the intimacy that He seeks with us, He talks about joining us for dinner (Revelation 3:20). This book reminds readers that prayer is simply making conversation with God a rhythm of life.”


The Lord’s Prayer: Learning from Jesus on What, Why, and How to Pray — “In The Lord’s Prayer, Kevin DeYoung closely examines Christ’s model for prayer, giving readers a deeper understanding of its content and meaning, and how it works in the lives of God’s people. Walking through the Lord’s Prayer word by word, DeYoung helps believers gain the conviction to develop a stronger prayer life and a sense of freedom to do so.”


The Lord’s Prayer: A Guide to Praying to Our Father — “When Jesus taught his followers how to pray, he emphasized how uncomplicated it should be. There’s no need for pretense or theatrics. Instead, simply ask for what you need as though you were speaking with your earthly father. This opens a window into Jesus’ prayer life and presents us with a portrait of his heart for his followers. Wesley Hill re-introduces the Lord’s Prayer. He shows us a God who is delighted to hear prayer. Petition by petition, in conversation with the Christian tradition, he draws out the significance of Jesus’ words for prayer today.”

Books containing written prayers.

Be Thou My Vision: A Liturgy for Daily Worship — “In Be Thou My Vision, Jonathan Gibson has created a 31-day liturgical guide designed to provide structure to the daily worship of individuals and families. Each daily reading includes a call to worship, adoration, confession, assurance, creed and catechism, the Gloria Patri, a prayer of illumination, Bible reading, intercessory prayer, and the Lord’s Prayer. Designed to be read in 15–20 minutes a day, this beautifully produced liturgy will give readers focus and purpose to their daily quiet time while teaching them historical prayers, creeds, and catechisms that point them to Christ.”


Every Moment Holy, Editions 1, 2, & 3 — “New liturgies written for ordinary events of daily life which remind us that our lives are shot through with sacred purpose even when, especially when, we are too busy or too caught up in our busyness to notice.”


Piercing Heaven: Prayers of the Puritans — “The Puritan combination of warm piety and careful intellect have fueled a renaissance of interest in their movement. This combination is on display in Piercing Heaven, a collection of carefully selected prayers from leading Puritans. The language in these prayers has been slightly updated for a modern audience while still retaining the elevated tone of the Puritans.”

Wilderness fellowship prayer cabins.

Wilderness Fellowship Ministries is a Christian camping and retreat center located in Frederic, WI (about an hour and a half drive from the Twin Cities). They offer year-round prayer cabins at a very affordable rate, and this is a great place to go and spend time with God. Click here to access their website and learn more about prayer cabins.